Other Projects


This section features some shorter term projects which were produced concurrently with the longer projects featured on the main project page. These works contain concepts and visual forms I hope to return to in future works.

Proposal For A New Trans Flag   ( 2020 )

Animation of trans flag with shifting color bars.

Sample Loop of Proposal For A New Trans Flag, 2020


A few years ago I had a dream of a trans flag whose colors shifted as endlessly as its form in the wind. A version that spoke both to multiplicity and to the underlying system trans folks traverse. So, in mid 2020 I coded this 2D version, procedurally generated using JavaScript, this flag will infinitely change color in its horizontal bars. While the colors shift, the black and brown triangle portions stay the same, a gesture towards the need to center black and brown trans voices and experiences. This is further emphasized by the middle bar which, one shifted from its starting color, will never return to a pure white. The design draws from the original trans flag, the Black Trans Flag by Raquel Willis, and the Progress Pride Flag by Daniel Quasar.


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The piece in the Processing Community Catalog 2021:

Read   ( 2018 )

Installation image of Read featuring a projected image of the artist's body which is doubled and mirrored as it passes through a two way mirror.

Installation View of Read, 2018


A video scans the contours of my body. The video is projected and doubled in space using a two-way mirror commonly used for surveillance and privacy purposes. Installed, the mirror has the effect of both doubling the surveillance of my body and negating its ability to provide privacy to the viewer.


Video Documentation:

The Best Transwoman   ( 2018 )

Installation image of The Best Transwoman featuring a video of a throat with hands on it being played inside of a vintage opaque image projector.

Installation View of The Best Trans Woman, 2018


Focusing on the throat as a charged sight of violence, desire, and gendered identification, this piece draws one into a scene of pressure. By inverting the standard optical mode, as one recedes from the device the image is magnified, one's sense of closeness to the body in question is disrupted.

The phrase “The best transwoman is an invisible one.” is repeated throughout the video as my throat is variably caressed and choked.


Video Documentation:

Trans Effigy 2016   ( 2017 )

Seal designs for Trans Effigy 2016 featuring 28 black and white seal designs.

Seal Designs for Trans Effigy 2016, 2017


Trans Effigy 2016 used the design form of an official seal to mark each documented case of a trans person being murdered in the U.S.A. in 2016. These designs were used to manufacture wax stamp tools, glass stamp tools and printing plates. These tools were used in the creation of wax seal prints, glass seal facsimiles, and a series of 60 letterpress printed and handbound artist books as well as being displayed as works in their own right. The artist books were porduced as part of the CSArt Madison 2017 program organzied by Art Lit Lab.


Video Documentation of Artist Book:

Additional Documentation

28 black and white seal on a wall with 28 matching glass seals on a white shelf below.

Glass seals installed with stamps, part of Trans Effigy 2016, 2017

A disc of clear glass with a seal design stamped into its surface.

Detail of glass seal number 2, part of Trans Effigy 2016, 2017

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