New Work:    A Hacked Manifesto

A screenshot of the website A Hacked Manifesto. The page has a white background with black text and oval buttons.

Compressed screenshot of A Hacked Manifesto, 2024

A net art piece for eflux Journal #146, "A Hacker Manifesto at Twenty". The piece is an online tool for exploring McKenzie Wark's A Hacker Manifesto, giving the user/viewer the ability to manipulate, disassemble, reassemble, shift, search, and other modify the text. More information can be found here:

Recent/Ongoing Work:    The Fog

A digital projects commission for the San José Museum of Art, launched on November 3rd 2023

The project can be viewed here:

This body of work centers around the politics of knowledge making, data collection, and trans visibility through an exploration of fog as a common subject/trope of horror narratives as well as metaphor used in military strategy. The questions driving this work include: Why has fog been figured as a menace in the popular imagination? Can fog be an aspirational figure for trans embodiment and resistance? What would embodiment styled after fog feel and look like?

The work consists of 3 "acts" exploring our relationship to fog as a society and the potential for fog to serve as a positive role model for trans embodiment. Each act is built as a procedurally generated 3D space using three.js. The work has been designed as a website without ads or tracking and with intentionally open source code. Sustainability and accessibility also informed the design choices for the site.

Source code for the work can be viewed here:

This work is part of a larger body of work about fog which can be viewed here: